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Blog post on Systems Literacy journey

I realize that in creating this website I have attempted to create pages with information about the systems literacy project that we began in 2008 with a poster at the American geophysical union conference. The dynamic nature of inquiry and learning is such that it is probably more sensible to provide regular updates that represent the dynamic nature of systems literacy by using this blog feature of WordPress. WordPress began as a blogging system so it makes sense to use it as such.

I am currently attending a two day conference on systems engineering research where the topic of systems thinking was front and center on the first day. After several discussions on the origins of systems thinking I returned home to my bookcase and found the book by Fred Emery called systems thinking.The copy I have was first published in 1969 and I am not sure when I purchased my copy which is a Penguin Modern Management Readings edition.

This is interesting to recognize especially the history of the development of ideas through the 20th century to the present day. The other related topic is how to measure or evaluate systems thinking and I will say more on that later in another post.