Systems Conversation 12 January 2022

How system literacy may naturally preserve humanity for eternity?”

Shann Turnbull 7pm Eastern Standard Time, 11 am Thursday 13 January 2022 Sydney Australia.

Christopher Søren Shann Turnbull graduated in Hobart Australia as a flying instructor in 1956 and as an Electrical Engineer in 1957. In 1960 he obtained a BSc from the University of Melbourne and in 1963 an MBA from Harvard.  He has been a part time business educator at: University of Melbourne 1965; University of NSW 1966-1971 and in 2007; University of New England 1978-1991; MIT 1986; Macquarie University 1987-1994 and 2003-4, and Sydney University 2008. Guest presenter at Harvard, other universities, and many conferences.

In 1962 he became a serial entrepreneur establishing new ventures that included a flying school, two public mutual funds and three enterprises that became publicly traded. His experience as a corporate chairman and/or CEO increased as a founding member in 1967 of a private equity group that acquired control and reorganized eight Australian listed corporations.

In 1975 he authored Democratising the Wealth of Nations[1] and became a founding author of the first educational qualification[2] in the world for Company directors. He undertook the first economic analysis of Aboriginal Communities[3] for the Australian Government in 1977/8. Shann was invited to advise on stakeholder privatisation[4] in Czech+Slovakia (1990/91) and Beijing in 1991.

His PhD research[5] from Macquarie University in 2000 introduced bytes as a unit of analysis to establish the science[6] of governance[7] for any specie. Shann has published over 450 articles[8] on reforming the theories and practices of capitalism based on following the practices of nature. These include over 100 journal articles and book chapters with two articles republished with seminal contributions in Corporate Governance[9]: The history of management thought[10].

Shann resides with his wife Pauline Markwell in Sydney. They have three children, Karinya, Christopher and Melysha and four grandchildren.











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